Welcome to our church!

About us:
Located in the center of Fukui City and more specifically on the northern side of the Fukui Castle Ruins, Fukui Catholic Church can be reached on foot in 10 minutes from JR Fukui Station, finding itself in a nature rich environment, with a nationally recognized Japanese garden situated very close to it – known as Yokokan Garden, the second residence of Fukui lord, Matsudaira Family during the Edo period (1603 – 1868). Upon exiting from the northern side of the Fukui Castle Ruins, you can easily find the Fukui Catholic Church in your right-hand direction, as it faces a main street known as “Sakura Street”, lined with cherry trees, which come into full bloom in spring, painting the street in a wash of pale red color.
How about if you stop by our church to get some rest especially when you are tired and weary from everyday spiritual battles. Our church always opens its doors to all. Please feel free to enter the chapel for prayer and worship.
(The church is equipped with a ramp for wheelchair access on the left side of the building.)
For any inquiries about our church and community, please feel free to contact our reception staff.

Mass time:
Sunday 9:00 AM
(5th Sunday 10:00 AM)

Sunday 12:00 NN
(5th Sunday 10:00 AM)

If you want to know mass schedules in foreign languages in other churches, please look at the following page.